Water vs Bags: The Advantages Of Water Vacuums

Water vs Bags: The Advantages Of Water Vacuums

Every time you vacuum your home you have the impression that everything is clean and dust free. But be honest with yourself, how many times did you have to pick up a lint with your hands and put it in the vacuum’s tube? If you think that is normal, you are wrong. If a vacuum cleaner is not capable of picking up light things as lint, how do you think it will suck in all that thick dirt? Just raise your carpet, and you will see where all the dirt you think you vacuumed stays. It is a phenomenon that happens because traditional vacuum cleaners rely on different types of filters to clean the air of dust particles. But over time, these filters clog with dust, thus reducing the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

You might think that replacing the filter will solve the problem. It might, but only for a short while, until the filter clogs again. If you make a simple addition, you will see that you will spend a significant amount of money to chance the filters every time they clog. And if you don’t, then the vacuum cleaner will not perform its job of cleaning your house properly. Even if you change the filters regularly, the air in your home will still not be clean enough. Traditional vacuum cleaners, regardless of having bags or plastic canisters, they all have a problem with dust leakages. So dust will still return in the air of your home every time you will use your vacuum cleaner.

Sirena uses no bags. Water traps the dirt

The Sirena vacuum has a constant air flow, which is not interrupted by any filter. Thus, its efficiency in the same every time you use it. The water vacuum cleaner will perform its job of cleaning your house properly. Besides, the dust particles captured by the water vacuum will never return to your home, because of the innovative water cleansing system. That mean an air of a higher quality like never before. It is a fantastic news for all those people suffering from bothering allergies, who have a hard time breathing because of all those unwanted fine dust particles. Now, they can forget about those problems because the air in their home will be cleansed and purified.

Choose to go green and use a vacuum cleaner that uses only pure water, no chemicals, and no detergents, in their cleaning system. Meaning that even the residues that come from the vacuum after you are done cleaning cannot harm the environment. The disposal of the waste is fast, clean and safe. You won’t get your hands dirty, and you won’t risk spreading any unwanted dust. The Sirena vacuum cleaner uses only eco-friendly products. Even the deodorizers and air purifiers they have for you to use in the vacuum’s water are safe for you and for the environment as well.

Sirena uses no bags

It is hard to believe such an efficient vacuum cleaner exists and is affordable? Check out the vacuum reviews and see how so many people already take advantage of the great features of this water vacuum. Persons with allergies, pets, even doctors, have already tested the vacuum and are very satisfied with the results. They state that the air in their homes is fresh and easier to breath. The house is clean; dust and allergen free, and everything smells like being freshly washed. We encourage everyone who uses this product to leave vacuum reviews, to let everybody know that there is the possibility of having more sanitary homes and cleaner air with only one product. The affordable Sirena vacuum cleaner will make all these possible.

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