What Makes Sirena The Healthiest Vacuum Cleaner?

What Makes Sirena The Healthiest Vacuum Cleaner?

If you own a vacuum cleaner which has a bag or a canister to store the dust, you already know the calamity it brings upon you. It is a long-term death trap for family members with dust allergy and asthma, while it is a nightmare for anyone who understands how unhygienic it is to store dust in a closed and dark environment.

A much awaited “bagless” and affordable solution to this problem is brought forward by an Ottawa-based company, Sirena Inc.

While water based vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, they are unreasonably expensive as they average around $3000-4000 and are expensive for most families. An affordable and better alternative to them is Sirena which has also been featured in the popular show “Forbes Living”. Sirena Inc. developed what many have called to be the healthiest vacuum cleaner on the market today. What is especially great is that it comes with a reasonable price tag. It uses the popular water-based technology where all one needs to do is simply change the water at the bottom of the machine.
Sirena is the best vacuum for allergies
Traditional air-bag based cleaners are a safe haven for germs and bacteria without even you realizing it. After all what is a better environment for germs to breed than a warm and dark place? This is exactly what the bag of a traditional vacuum cleaner offers and certainly no sales man ever told you about this factor which can get your family really sick!
Sirena Water Vacuum is also great for people who suffer from asthma or any type of dust allergy. Because of the unique water filtration technology used by this vacuum cleaner, there is absolutely no dust fall-out when you are done cleaning. You need to simply pull out and throw away the water in the dish in which the dirt has been collected, and being wet the dust has no chance of spreading.

One of the other unique utilities of Sirena Total Home Cleaning System is that it acts as an air freshener and deodorizer for your home. The machine comes with two sets of bottles – one is a sanitizer made for Sirena and the other is a collection of 5 room freshening flavors. One simply needs to add the recommended amount to the water before starting with the cleaning and once it is done, you don’t just have a dust-free house but also a sanitized and deodorized, refreshing home.
Sirena is the best vacuum cleaner for people with breathing disorders
Another unique factor pertaining to this vacuuming system is the material used for cleaning. While most vacuum cleaners on the market today use synthetic materials in their brushes, Sirena uses extremely soft horse hair for the same work. The reason behind this approach is the understanding that homes today have many delicate surfaces which require cleaning. This may be your LED TV, antique lamp shades or glass; the horse hair will have a soft touch which will clean but not scratch. However there is no compromise on cleaning either as this material is known even better for its dust-attracting capability which is much more efficient than synthetic brushes.

Sirena Water Vacuum ensures 100% air flow throughout the cleaning process. Bag-based vacuum cleaners tend to clog the air flow as the dust collects. However since Sirena is a water filtration vacuum cleaner, there is no room for dust clogging and air flow is as good towards the end of the cleaning process as it was in the beginning.

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