Sirena Featured on KMTV Channel 3 Omaha The Morning Blend

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System keeps garnering more and more attention from the media outlets across North America. Late last month Sirena was featured in The Morning Blend segment of KMTV Channel 3 Omaha. The Morning Blend introduces new and exciting products to the viewers in a fun and interactive way. The episode in which Sirena was featured focused on the products to get your summer ready. Summer is the time of year when people enjoy the great outdoors, go swimming, get together on picnics while the adventurous lot goes hiking, cycling, or climbing. However, summer is also the time of year infamous for the allergy-inducing particles flying in the air. Sometimes even the indoor air can become polluted with allergens and turn glorious summertime into a nightmare. Sirena is the answer to this. Its water-based filtration system coupled with a true HEPA filter effectively eliminate most airborne allergens from the air we breathe. And if the allergy situation is truly alarming, Sirena can be run continuously as an air purifier. The low-speed mode keeps the motor noise to a minimum allowing you to run Sirena overnight without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

Curious to see what other products may help you get the most out of your summer? Watch the entire The Morning Blend episode on KMTV website.

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