Sirena Featured on KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas The Morning Blend

The summer is here and Sirena continues to be featured on the TV networks across North America. This month it’s Las Vegas, Nevada! Sirena Total Home Cleaning System was given its time in the spotlight by KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas. Sirena is commonly referred to as “the most advanced vacuum cleaner in the world” due to its use of the revolutionary water-based filtration technology which makes all traditional vacuums look hopelessly obsolete. Just imagine never having to buy another vacuum bag. Or deal with dirty, smelly, disgusting vacuum bags that get clogged easily and can turn your cleaning experience into an exercise in futility. With Sirena there is no need to ever worry about your vacuum cleaner not performing at 100% efficiency. The water used to trap dust and dirt is changed every time you clean (or as many times during the cleaning process as you like). This creates what many Sirena users call “a brand-new vacuum cleaner feeling”.

While Sirena is not the only water vacuum cleaner out there, it’s certainly a unique product in its own right. Never before was a vacuum cleaner using the water-based filtration technology sold through retail. The majority of water vacuum cleaners are only sold via direct sales which require you to sit through a long, stressful in-home presentation and listen to an aggressive sales pitch pressuring you to buy something you may not even be able to afford. The introduction of Sirena Total Home Cleaning System solved both of those issues. Now you can get the best in vacuum cleaner technology for nearly 1/3 of the price of the competition AND buy it from your local vacuum cleaner shop, a big-box department store, or even online! This is the future of cleaning!

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