Sirena Featured on The Rhode Show

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System was featured on The Rhode Show (originally aired November 29, 2016). Getting ready for the Holidays has never been easier!

Holidays is the time for family and friends, fun and social activities, and, of course, the festive dinner! However, the day after is usually when the cleaning starts. It’s the time like this when you look for anything to help out getting all dirt and debris out from your carpets and soft furniture. Sirena Vacuum is your best cleaning companion this Holiday season! It features water-based filtration technology which doesn’t rely on vacuum bags to capture dust and dirt. Instead everything is trapped in the water basin which can then be dumped either outside or down the toilet. Sirena is also not afraid of picking up liquid spills. Finally, there is no placed around the house that Sirena can’t reach. With its extendable wands, a number of different tools and brushes, and a 1300W suction power it can power clean any surface, floors and ceilings alike.

Sirena Water Vacuum will not only be a great thing to have this Holiday season, but the next Holiday season, and the one after that as well! Covered by an industry-best 10 year warranty it will be ready to take on any cleaning task for years to come.

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