Sirena Obtains ECARF Certification

Sirena Obtains ECARF Certification

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System has been awarded the Allergy-friendly Quality Tested label by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

ECARF is dedicated to education, research, and improving medical care on the subject of allergies. One part of the multi-pronged effort to improve the lives of people with allergies is the introduction of the ECARF label certification which Sirena recently obtained. The products marked with the ECARF label are certified by the world’s leading allergology research foundation as the recommended products for people suffering from allergies.

Sirena uses water to capture dust and dirt without having to rely on the traditional vacuum bags. Aside from being less efficient at capturing dust and dirt, vacuum bags are also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Replacing a full vacuum bag can sometimes lead to dust and dirt being thrown back into the air. Sirena eliminates this problem by eliminating the vacuum bags from the equation. Water effectively captures even the finest particles which may be a cause or a contributing factor of allergies: pollen, dust mite droppings, even smoke. The best part is, after cleaning the dirty water is discarded right away so all that dust and dirt will be out of your home right away.


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