Maintaining Your Sirena System

Maintaining Your Sirena System

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System is a water vacuum cleaner which means it doesn’t require replaceable bags to collect dust and dirt. Instead, a basin filled with clear water is used to capture everything that is sucked in. Relying on water-based filtration technology makes Sirena one of the most efficient and reliable vacuum cleaners on the market. However, even the best and most efficient vacuums will eventually begin to lose their cleaning ability if not maintained properly. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners which only require you to periodically change vacuum bags caring for your Sirena System is a slightly more complex process. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science!

Sirena System Maintenance

1) Cleaning the water basin after each use

Discarding the dirty water after use is, obviously, the most important step. But don’t forget to wash the water basin afterwards to remove the residual dirt and then dry the basin out. This will prevent mold and mildew build-up inside the basin which could lead to unwanted smells and reduced cleaning ability.

2) Drying out the wet and dry hose after picking up liquid spills

Sirena is among the very few vacuum cleaners that allow you to safely pick up non-flammable liquid spills. It works wondrously when removing wet stains from carpets as well. Just pour some clear water on top of the spill, agitate it into the carpet, and then use Sirena to pull out the liquid. Now our problem is the hose itself is wet on the inside and it would be unwise to leave it to dry on its own. For the same reasons as drying out the water basin it’s important to force-dry the hose immediately after picking up liquids. The best way to do that is to connect the working end of the hose to the exhaust and let the air circulate for about 30 seconds.

3) Cleaning the separator every 3-5 uses

Have you ever wondered what kind of magic prevents the water in the basin from entering the Sirena motor? Meet the separator. This simple yet potent piece of plastic spins at mind-boggling 19,527 RPM (revolutions per minute) and throws the water touching it outward, away from the motor and back into the basin. Because it is in constant contact with the contents of the water basin it is very important to clean the separator after every 3-5 uses to keep your Sirena running optimally. Use the wrench/brush tool (stored on-board) to remove the retaining nut and clean the separator.

Sirena System Separator

4) Washing and replacing the HEPA filter

The only non-water filter inside the Sirena System, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filter is the last line of defense against the contaminants in the air. While 99.9% of everything that flies in your air or hides in your carpets will be successfully captured in the water, there is always that 0.01% that manages to slip past the water trap. Some super-fine non-water-soluble particles will be captured by the HEPA filter which is located right before the exhaust. It’s removable and washable which means you only need to replace it once every 12-18 months. However, we recommend washing the filter at least once every 4 months to ensure it retains its amazing filtering abilities.

Sirena HEPA Filter Cleaning

5) Cleaning the Power Nozzle

One of the most versatile Sirena tools is the Power Nozzle. Featuring 3 height adjustments and multi-directional cleaning head it’s a great tool to use on carpets of all kinds. A rotating beater brush agitates the carpets and brings the embedded dust and dirt to the surface where it’s sucked into the vacuum. From time to time the dirt and hair build-up may clog the opening and prevent the beater brush from operating effectively. This may lead to a reduction in cleaning ability, additional strain on the belt, and even power nozzle overheating. Our friends at FIX IT Home Improvement Channel made an excellent video on how to clean the power nozzle in under a minute.


6) General maintenance

Your Sirena System will serve you for a very long time if you follow these simple general maintenance tips:

  • Do not use Sirena to pick up flammable or combustible liquids
  • Do not use Sirena without water in the basin
  • Do not store Sirena on the basin when not in use
  • Do not use electric hose for wet pick up
  • Do not use Sirena to pick up non-water-soluble materials (e.g. drywall, flour, sawdust)
  • Do not fill basin below minimum fill line or above maximum fill line
  • Do not pull on cord for any reason, do not use cord as handle
  • Do not run over cord or allow cord to rest on heated surfaces
20 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Sirena System

I don’t have carpet or rugs in my home. All my floors are either wood, ceramic tile or linoleum. Does it matter which hose I use?


    Hi Jan,

    Sorry for the late reply. Both electric and wet/dry hoses are fine as long as you’re not picking up liquid spills, in which case you must use the wet/dry hose. The floor brush attachment works perfectly on any hard flooring including wood, tile, and linoleum. You may also use the power nozzle although it’s most efficient on carpets.

    ~ Team Sirena

Dawn Nierman

The is no suction flow on the carpet vacuum attachment of my Sirena vacuum. The floor brush attachment works wonderfully, as does the hose that connects the carpet piece to the actual vacuum itself. Please advise on how I can remedy this frustrating situation.

Thank you in advance.



    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Sirena vacuum. Please give customer service a call at 1-855-474-7362 (M-F 9 am – 5 pm EST) and they’ll help you troubleshoot.

    ~ Team Sirena


Do I run my Sirena all the time like you do a rainbow?


    Hi Ashley,

    You can run the Sirena on low speed to purify and aromatize the air. However, as the water in the basin evaporates, you will need to shut down and refill the basin again.

    ~ Team Sirena


I just received my Sirena Today and want to run it all the time on low for air cleaning/aromatizing. However, on the low speed, my system runs for roughly 15 minutes and shuts off. Can you please tell me why and how to fix this issue.


    Hi Helen,

    If your Sirena shuts off after only 15 minutes of use it could be the result of the motor overheating. Please give customer service a call at 1-855-474-7362 (M-F 9am-5pm EST) and they will help you troubleshoot.

    ~ Team Sirena

Amelia Gutierrez

I need to replace the latch that holds the top of Serena vacuum to the water basin. Called the number where I bought the Serena vacuum in MA eVacuum store and they gave me a number to the manufacturer. They were not helpful either and he referred me to amazon. I could not find the part at Amazon . Without this latch the machine will not work. It looks like the latch is easy to replace but where do I get the part. The part is made of plastic and is a part that is used every time you use the Serena vacuum. Not a sturdy part. Any help will be appreciated.


    Hi Amelia,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Sirena vacuum. You can order a replacement latch from Amazon here:

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    ~ Team Sirena

Robin "Zee" Zilberg

to find the serial number on mine the only number i can find is the model number, id like to fill out the warranty asap. Also which hose to use when dusting?


    Hi Robin,

    There is a picture on the registration page showing the location of both the main motor serial number and the power nozzle serial number. If you can’t find them in the indicated spots, please get in touch with customer service at 1-855-474-7362 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern) for assistance.

    We recommend using the included dusting brush with the curved wand connected to the wet/dry (non-electric) hose. If you need longer reach, you could also attach the curved wand to the extension wand.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    ~ Team Sirena

rose shulman

I used to own a rainbow vacuum and it had to be cleaned professionally once in a while. The vac. service was called an acid bath. Do Serena’s need an acid bath or any professional cleaning. Also I started to hear a noise with my Serena. It sounded like a pebble bouncing around in the motor area. So I took it in and the service guy opened it up and found that the screws holding the motor in place we’re not tightening down very well. He did an acid bath and all was fine till last month when I started hearing the pebble noise again. So I took it in and the repair guy refused to work on it saying the screws are crap and he did not want the responsibility of opening it up again. Fearing he would strip the screws up and he would not have any replacement parts. The unit is still under warranty as I have only had it 3 years. What should I do now to get this fixed.


    Hi Rose,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Sirena vacuum. If there is a problem with the motor, your unit may qualify for replacement under warranty. However, customer service has the final say in these matters, so we encourage you to contact them at 1-855-474-7362 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm) and they’ll guide you through the process of getting your Sirena vacuum repaired or replaced.

    ~ Team Sirena

Brandon bailey

Having troubles with my power head and quick disconnect attachment power head loosing power on back stroke


    Hi Brandon,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the power head. From what you’re describing it seems like a connection issue. Disconnect the electric hose (pistol handle) from the extension wand and the extension wand from the power head itself, then reassemble. Connectors on the electric wand can be a bit stiff sometimes, so make sure they are fully inserted and locked in place. If the issue persists – please call customer service (toll-free) at 1-855-474-7362 (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Eastern) and they’ll help you troubleshoot further or assist with getting a replacement.

    ~ Team Sirena


Hi my mom and I are both having problems with our sirena vacuums. It’s like they are overheating.
I was using hers yesterday and had only had it on for 2 minutes when it just shut off and wouldn’t turn on again, it wasn’t even hot.

What could be causing this?


    Hi Cassandra,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Sirena vacuum. Please give customer service a call (toll-free) at 1-855-474-7362 (M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern) and they’ll help you troubleshoot.

    ~ Team Sirena


Hello, I have a new Sirena Vacuum and I’m having issues with the belt coming off on the power nozzle. The belt is brand new, spare one has never been used. When the power nozzle is turned up, the brush is spinning, as soon as I turn it down to start vacuuming the belt comes off and the brush is no longer spinning. I would put the belt back on properly, and the same thing happens.

How can this be fixed?
Thank you


    Hi Sunny,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Sirena vacuum. The power nozzle belt has to be really tight to not slip off the beater brush. Please give customer service a call (toll-free) at 1-855-474-7362 (M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern) and they’ll help you troubleshoot.

    ~ Team Sirena

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