Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Owners

Any pet owner will agree that pet hair can be a nuisance. Not only will it stick to nearly every surface in your home, it makes cleaning a nightmare. Pet hair can also cause or exacerbate allergies. Traditional vacuums lose cleaning efficiency very quickly as pet hair clogs the air holes. Sirena’s water-based filtration is the ultimate answer to pet hair problems.

1) Sirena comes with a tool for every surface in your home, including soft furniture and hard-to-reach spots.
2) All Sirena tools (including the Power Nozzle) are designed for maximum airflow making it easy to pick up pet hair from carpets and floors.
3) The large 3.5 litres water basin capacity makes it possible to clean multiple rooms or the entire house without needing to change the water.
4) Discarding the dirty water is very easy. You can forget about dealing with clogged vacuum bags!

Sirena Vacuum For Pet Owners

You can find Sirena Total Home Cleaning System near you by checking out the Dealer Locator.

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