Sirena Customer Testimonial #1

Do you have pets? For all the joy they bring into our lives pets can be a major cause of allergies, mostly because they shed and leave fur everywhere, on carpets and furniture alike. Pet hair is sticky and can be very hard to remove using even the most powerful vacuum cleaners. What makes the matter worse is the fact that pet hair is the primary cause of clogging in vacuums and traditional vacuum cleaners that use bags suffer the most. Once a vacuum cleaner becomes clogged the airflow it produces gets significantly reduced which negatively impacts its ability to pick up pet hair.

Amber is a pet owner whose dogs shed a lot. Sirena Total Home Cleaning System provides powerful airflow and suction power to not leave a single hair behind when Amber is cleaning her carpets. How does Sirena achieve such cleaning efficiency? There is no secret about that. Unlike traditional vacuums, Sirena doesn’t rely on bags or filters to deal with pet hair. Everything gets trapped in the water basin and wet pet hair is much heavier than dry pet hair. This means that once it’s inside the Sirena, it won’t be going anywhere. Additionally, since water is replaced every time (you can also replace it during cleaning as much as you like) there is no reduction in airflow and, therefore, cleaning ability of the Sirena. All in all, Amber is extremely satisfied with how Sirena Total Cleaning System allows her to live allergy-free with multiple dogs in her house.

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