Water-based Filtration Technology of Sirena

Water-based Filtration Technology of Sirena

What makes Sirena Total Home Cleaning System different technology-wise from the other vacuum cleaners? Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Sirena doesn’t require bags to collect dust and dirt. A large 3.5L basin filled with water is where all dust and dirt gets trapped. Water never clogs the way most bags, or filters in bagless vacuums, do. Sirena cleans 100% of the time — at 100% efficiency.

Sirena Technology

When the air is pulled inside, it is forced to pass through the water where the contaminants (e.g. dust, pet hair, dust mite droppings, etc.) are trapped in a swirling bath of water. A rapidly spinning separator prevents the water from entering the motor. The air is then forced through a washable HEPA filter which retains anything that didn’t get trapped in the water (usually less than 0.01% of all particles). Finally, the clean, water-washed air is exhausted back into the room.

Looking for specific technical details about the Sirena Total Home Cleaning System? Download the full product specification sheet here.

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