Sirena Customer Testimonial #2

Our homes are full of allergens. Pet fur, dust, fabrics, house plants, even food odors can cause and exacerbate allergy symptoms in certain populations. Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible to guarantee yourself an allergen-free home, but you can and should try to get as close as possible to achieving that. Removing allergens from the air and the carpets through  vacuuming is a great way to do that. But there lies another problem. Most vacuums rely on bags and dry filters to catch dust and other fine particles. Over time their retaining efficiency decreases resulting in more allergy-causing particles being thrown back into the air you breathe. That way vacuuming your home could quickly become a nightmare as it did for Judy.

Judy suffers from allergies which were exacerbated by inefficient vacuum cleaners. Her life changed when she tried the Sirena. The biggest difference is the fact that water-based vacuum cleaners like Sirena don’t rely on replaceable vacuum bags. Sirena Total Home Cleaning System features a combination of a water filter and a HEPA filter which together catch 99.99% of all particles including most allergens. After cleaning the water is poured out without releasing any of the allergens back into the air. Judy regularly uses her Sirena vacuum to clean her house and has never breathed easier.

If you’re looking to purchase a Sirena system for yourself – visit the dealer locator here.

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