Sirena Customer Reviews vol. 2

Ever since its original release in October of 2013, Sirena Total Home Cleaning System has been positively received by customers, reviewers, observers, and critics. Below is just a small sample of what the people said about their Sirenas.

Dear Sirena Company,

First and Foremost – THANK YOU for making such a wonderful product. We have loved our Sirena Vacuum from the very first day. It is an incredible machine, and does the most awesome job of cleaning.

My wife has Stage IV cancer and she finds this is an extremely easy-to-use unit. Other vacuums were very difficult for her to maneuver and use.

Finally, we both THANK YOU for having this wonderful product available. We praise this machine to anyone who will listen to us.
– Louis Cuttlers, Nampa, Idaho

I LOVE the Sirena! It’s the ultimate solution for pet hair, dander, and dust. And the best thing is – I don’t have to buy vacuum bags.

– Paige Sherrill, Charlotte, North Carolina

I was reluctant to try the water filtration simply because of the fact you must change the water every time. Now that I’ve used it and seen the difference I could never go back to traditional systems.

– Ann Kelly, Toronto, Ontario

Sirena is a great vacuum system with powerful suction. My favorite option is to add eucalyptus oil and the whole house fills with a great aroma.

– Andrey Islentev

I was searching for a combination of a home cleaner and an air purifier. After a long search and many questions Sirena Total Home Cleaning System came into the picture. After reading many great reviews, I decided to invest into a system that will be with me for a very long time, where I can clean my home, and clean the air I am breathing in it. I have had it for about 8 months now, and I really recommend it to anyone who is tired of changing vacuums every couple of years. This is a 5 star quality machine, and it is for people who want high quality equipment for their home or business at a very reasonable cost.

– Adolph Riachi, Orleans, Ontario

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