New Quick Connect Power Nozzle For Sirena Total Home Cleaning System

New Quick Connect Power Nozzle For Sirena Total Home Cleaning System

Power nozzle is the most powerful attachment available for your Sirena vacuum cleaner. It’s great for cleaning carpeted surfaces as its bristled beater brush brings out even the most deeply embedded dust and dirt from inside the carpets to the surface where Sirena’s powerful suction picks it up. The power nozzle is designed with ease-of-use in mind. It features a trigger-activated handle which automatically shuts off the power nozzle motor when released. However, the biggest gripe that Sirena users had about the power nozzle is the fact that you need to manually disconnect and reconnect the wires, should you ever need to take the power nozzle off and replace it with another tool.

New Sirena Quick Connect Power Nozzle

No more! This year Sirena Total Home Cleaning System got its new and updated power nozzle which now featured quick-connect capabilities. Now you can simply click on and click off the power nozzle without having to mess with the wires. Cleaning your carpets has never been that simple!

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