Sirena Customer Testimonial #3

For those of us with pets in our homes, cleaning is a particularly important task. Pet hair is a very strong allergen and if it’s allowed to accumulate on carpeting and furniture that can lead to significant allergy-related problems in the future. And what about the smell? Have you ever visited someone’s house and immediately noticed a strong “wet dog” smell? That’s nasty and vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner won’t help! Pet hair is notorious not only for its allergy-inducing properties, but also for its ability to clog up vacuum bags and filters. Once that happens, your vacuum will only make the smell issue worse while you’re using it. The solution is simple.

Laura is a pet owner and she struggled a lot with clogged filters and poor smells after vacuuming. After switching to Sirena Vacuum, she was finally able to get rid of the persistent “dirty dog” smell that was caused by her old vacuum cleaner. Sirena Total Home Cleaning System is a water-based vacuum cleaner which means there are no bags that could clog. This means it cleans at maximum efficiency every time it is used. Water-based vacuum cleaners also don’t release any dust back into the air you breathe. This helps reduce and then eliminate allergies from many different sources including pet hair.

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