Sirena Customer Reviews vol. 1

Ever since its original release in October 2013, Sirena Total Home Cleaning System has been positively received by customers, reviewers, observers, and critics. Below is just a small sample of what the people said about their Sirenas. We were very familiar with water filtration having owned another brand for many years. Since we have 2[…]

Sirena Featured on The Rhode Show

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System was featured on The Rhode Show (originally aired November 29, 2016). Getting ready for the Holidays has never been easier! Holidays is the time for family and friends, fun and social activities, and, of course, the festive dinner! However, the day after is usually when the cleaning starts. It’s the[…]

Sirena Featured on Colorado’s Best FOX 31 Denver

Getting your home for the Holidays Season can be exciting! It can also be tiresome especially with all the carpets in need of vacuuming. Sirena Total Home Cleaning System is a perfect solution. It not only cleans better than traditional vacuums but also purifies and freshens the air inside your home. Sirena’s water-based technology traps[…]

Sirena Featured on Cityline TV Show

“It’s tech to clean” is the name of the Cityline TV show segment that featured Sirena Total Home Cleaning System. Tech expert Winston Sih shares the best cleaning devices that will help you clean faster and more efficient around your home! Featuring water-based filtration technology, Sirena is the vacuum cleaner for those who make no compromises when[…]

Introducing Sirena Twister

Introducing Sirena Twister

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Sirena product family – Sirena Twister! The Twister is an air freshener designed for both home and office use. With its compact design and a choice of cap colours, Sirena Twister fits perfectly into any home or office interior. You can place your Sirena Twister virtually[…]

Sirena Featured on KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas The Morning Blend

The summer is here and Sirena continues to be featured on the TV networks across North America. This month it’s Las Vegas, Nevada! Sirena Total Home Cleaning System was given its time in the spotlight by KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas. Sirena is commonly referred to as “the most advanced vacuum cleaner in the world”[…]

Sirena Featured on KMTV Channel 3 Omaha The Morning Blend

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System keeps garnering more and more attention from the media outlets across North America. Late last month Sirena was featured in The Morning Blend segment of KMTV Channel 3 Omaha. The Morning Blend introduces new and exciting products to the viewers in a fun and interactive way. The episode in which[…]

Sirena Inc. Attends the International Housewares Association Show 2016

Sirena Inc. Attends the International Housewares Association Show 2016

Sirena Inc. president, Toufic Khayrallah, announced that the company will be attending the prestigious International Housewares Association (IHA) show to be held in Chicago, IL in March 2016. “We love coming to the IHA,” said Khayrallah. “Not only have we won the Innovation Award there, it is also a great platform for launching new products[…]

How Sirena Works – Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Sirena doesn’t require bags to collect dust and dirt. A large 3.5L basin filled with water is where all dust and dirt gets trapped. Water never clogs the way most bags, or filters in bagless vacuums, do. Sirena cleans 100% of the time — at 100% efficiency. When the air is[…]

Removing Pet Hair – Sirena Vacuum Cleaner

Any pet owner will agree that pet hair can be a nuisance. Not only will it stick to nearly every surface in your home, it makes cleaning a nightmare. Pet hair can also cause or exacerbate allergies. Traditional vacuums lose cleaning efficiency very quickly as pet hair clogs the air holes. Sirena’s water-based filtration is[…]